The Fine Art of Blogging…

Let’s just say I’ve not mastered it.  I’m trying to work on consistancy, branding, making better use of my time (HAR!), and saving the weekends for self-indulgent arting.  Melissa Findley (of Wicked Eye Design) planted that bad seed in my noggin. But she’s right.  As an artist, you’re not only compelled to paint/draw/macrame for a living, but for release and self-expression.  It’s a wicked, wicked muse, one fueled by caffeine, compulsion, and vanity.  What do you monkeys like to read?  Certainly not my pontifications about the difficulties of blogging.  So let’s hear it.  Or you’ll get more of the same. Heh.


~ by quickreaver on February 2, 2008.

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