Get thee blogging!

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Okay, the vigilant Melissa Findley is embarrasing me with her ability to update.  After lunch, I shall. I swear.


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I have a devil of a time blogging.  I just do.  Never kept a diary either.  But now that I’m back home, I’ll perhaps slap something up here.  After I shake the sand from my sneakers…and every where else it secreted itself.  Eesh.

A smirk is worth a thousand words…

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Hold very...very...still.......

This is a card from Fantasy Flight Games “A Game of Thrones”, the most recently released expansion. Something about ravens? Anywho, it’s Theon Greyjoy. Smirking. I hear he’s a smug sort. God love ‘im.


A little whine with your stake, sir?

•March 3, 2008 • 4 Comments

Pinned Up

I never stinkin’ blog.  I really have a love/hate relationship with these things.  On the one hand, they’re marketing.  On the other, I’ve never been able to keep a journal, diary, any of that hooey.  I’m notoriously non-sentimental.  Acknowledge, move on…that’s my motto.  Anywho, I’ll give it ye olde college try.  So here’s an update.  Enjoy;  you may not get another for a week or seven.  This piece was created for’s CHOW #108.  He’s supposed to be a “hot male vampire pin-up.”  So I pinned him up. HAR.


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Just a teaser of stuff veiled in NDA’s.  No one looks at this blog anyway…heh…

The Fine Art of Blogging…

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Let’s just say I’ve not mastered it.  I’m trying to work on consistancy, branding, making better use of my time (HAR!), and saving the weekends for self-indulgent arting.  Melissa Findley (of Wicked Eye Design) planted that bad seed in my noggin. But she’s right.  As an artist, you’re not only compelled to paint/draw/macrame for a living, but for release and self-expression.  It’s a wicked, wicked muse, one fueled by caffeine, compulsion, and vanity.  What do you monkeys like to read?  Certainly not my pontifications about the difficulties of blogging.  So let’s hear it.  Or you’ll get more of the same. Heh.

Hello world!

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L5R card

 Okay, right. Hello world!  This is my, er, blog.  Now, I must say, I’m terrible at blogging.  I can’t seem to do anything regularly, except…well…we won’t go into that.  But I’m gonna give it a whirl, as this thing seems to be fairly easy to operate and update.  That, and the uber-talented Melissa Findley speaks very highly of WordPress.  Please do check out her blog!